Nikki Cars – The Sex Training of Nikki Cars

The Sex Training of Nikki Cars

The Sex Training of Nikki Cars

When Nikki Cars first arrived at XL Girls, she did the customary solo posing and we thought that that would be the extent of her modeling interests. Naturally we were beside ourselves with joy and happiness as well as blue balls when she said she’d come back later and have full-sex with a dude.

Promise kept! Carefully observe Nikki’s techniques as she services and worships the pants-pipe. She uses her flesh pillows to massage and rub his dick, bloating the shaft until he can no longer hold back and must part her engorged pussy lips, spearing her wet cunt as deep as she can take it.

Nikki started showing off her wifely body because her husband urged her to. “It was my husband’s idea. He came home one day and said, ‘We should put naked pictures on the internet.’ So that’s what we did. It was just a fun thing to do, and I ended up really liking it. I never thought I would get anything out of it. I thought it would just be for the fun of it. A couple of months in, I was making money and people were sending me messages like crazy and it spiraled from there. I started doing cam work and phone sex and then I started doing shoots here. Once I started I liked it so much that I wanted to keep going. Phone sex was funny. You just go about your whole day, wash dishes, do the laundry and talk to people about sex on the phone.”

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