Emily Cartwright – We’re doing cartwheels over Cartwright

We’re doing cartwheels over Cartwright

We're doing cartwheels over Cartwright

“I love my eyes and my legs, but my absolute favourite body part has to be my tits,” English natural Emily Cartwright told us.

That’s funny. We love Emily’s tits, too.

Emily had been doing amateur modeling on and off for five years before taking the SCORE and Voluptuous plunge in 2006. She was shot by one of our roving photographers in England.

“The men’s magazine photographers in the UK are a very small community. They all know each other, and there are many guys who seriously do photography as a hobby, so week by week, more photographers took notice of me. One of them was a contributing photographer to The SCORE Group so that’s how I first became a Voluptuous magazine model.”

Emily, who’s a bit of a Goth girl, has that great combination of a man’s mind in a woman’s body. She told us she likes to fuck three times a night and watches porn movies.

“I learnt everything I know about blow jobs from watching porn videos. I am great at giving deep throat blow jobs. My favorite position is doggie. I like to feel the guy pushing me down into the bed. I like my partner to be in charge of sex, and I’ll follow directions to the letter.

“I love having my tits fucked. I like to watch a lot of porn and I really enjoy seeing the man explode all over the girl’s big boobs. Sometimes I like to have sex watching porn. I love doing it doggie-style while I watch a porn video.”

Emily never did hardcore porn, but her solo videos were hot nonetheless. Makes you wonder, though, what coulda been.

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