Annie Swanson – Annie on glass

Annie on glass

Annie on glass

Annie Swanson was a newcomer when she made this video on our famous glass table. The angles are phenomenal because the cameraman can get under the table and shoot up. No one else has copied this technique.

Annie dances, gets totally naked to bare feet, shakes and swings her big natural boobs, spreads her pussy wide and toys herself with a big Doc Johnson special shaped like a cock (always a lot hotter than a toy that looks like a cigar tube). Annie wraps it up by letting the cameraman squeeze her big boobs. We just see his lucky hands.

Annie was the girl-next-door girlfriend of a guy who read our magazines. One day she found them.

“I’d seen magazines for guys before,” Annie told Dave and me in an interview that was published in the February 2003 Voluptuous. “I just hadn’t read them. My brothers had them, but I never looked at them, and with my boyfriend, I just happened to look at them. I’ve seen girls with implants, and this was the first magazine I’d seen with girls with natural breasts. I was really amazed ’cause that was something I could relate to. So I looked at it and thought, ‘I could pose. Why couldn’t I? I have big boobs just like the rest of them.’ So my boyfriend and I started to take pictures and we sent them in and you guys called us.”

And that was the start of something big. Like a lot of girls, Annie thought that the girls in men’s mags had to be beauty queens or porn stars with boob jobs. She didn’t know that there was a mag that wanted homegrown naturals with curves, girls she could relate to as being just like her.

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