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Roxi Red – Bathin’ Boobs

Bathin’ Boobs

Bathin' Boobs

“I love kissing, tit-sucking and getting oral best, in that order,” says Roxi Red about three of her favorite activities. “I don’t have much of a problem getting what I want. I like a sweet-talking man who enjoys sucking tits.”

Roxi is a member of The 20 Club. This is a club for girls with chest measurements that exceed their waist measurements by 20 inches or more. This is a very small club because there are very few members who qualify! “I hadn’t measured myself in a while, but I did notice that my bras stopped fitting,” Roxi said when she returned for another visit to SCORE. We saw a difference.

You can imagine what Roxi does to the local populace when she goes outside, especially in the summer, and she’s wearing a tank top and shorts. Stiff necks and even stiffer stiffies. What you see in these photos is what they can only daydream about.

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