Alexis Silver – Pay Alexis Then Spray Alexis

Pay Alexis Then Spray Alexis

Pay Alexis Then Spray Alexis

In this cathouse, you can find the bustiest pussies in the city, all trained to purr, lick and mate on command. Madame G. herself greets you upon arrival and is more than happy to show you the merchandise. Somewhat of a taskmaster, she can get a little excited herself when the girls don’t listen. So when Madame calls for a big boob whore lineup for a new client, the small-boobed girls best stay in the other room.

This client wants a whore with big tits, the biggest knockers he can cum on. Madame shows him sexy Holly Halston first. Unfortunately, he wants natural boobs and even though Holly would be happy to open her talented butthole to his dick all night, her lovely boobs are augmented so he passes.

Next on the menu with natural boobs is Lavish Styles, a gorgeous babe but she doesn’t have the extreme breast power the client wants. Last up is Alexis Silver, the beautiful, busty natural. An English girl with a non-stop ass. Well-known on both sides of the Big Pond for her deep throat and tit-fuck skills. He chooses Alexis and they head off to the nearest available bedroom. The man has made a wise choice in this house of busty working girls.

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