Cali Haze – Big Butt Loving

Big Butt Loving

Big Butt Loving

Do you know why we keep our offices in South Florida? It’s not the beaches or the corporate tax incentives. Okay, it’s a little bit because of those things. But the main reason is that chicks down here are extra-freaky and do things that midwestern chicks wouldn’t dream of doing. Take Cali the 18-year-old anal freak as an example.

How many 18-year-olds like getting their buttholes fingered? Maybe one in a million. How many want to shoot a porno scene at such a young age? Maybe one in two million. That’s what makes Cali so special. “I’ve always been exceptionally horny,” Cali told us. “When my ex-boyfriend and I began hooking up, we wore each other out. We were fucking three or four times a day, seven days a week. I couldn’t get enough cock, cum and fucking to satisfy me.”

“Any hole is fair game on my body, as long as you ask me nicely and get me horny enough. Foreplay is good, but it’s not always necessary. If it’s the first time we’re hooking up, just sucking your cock will probably get me wet enough to let you fuck me in the ass. I love anal, so it’s not that big of a compromise on my part! It’s like getting my pussy fucked, but every sensation is cranked up to a million. I love how full and stretched it makes me. I can even cum from a butt fucking!”

“When me and my ex broke up, it was like I finally saw the light. I spent all of my sexual energy just trying to please one guy. That was so dumb of me. I could have been fucking every cute guy who had a crush on me. Trust me, though. I’ve been making up for lost time. In the past few months, I’ve been screwing like crazy. I even had a threesome with two guys on the football team who I always thought would never be interested in me. They gave me my first DP. It was incredible.”

“When I was talking to the stud before we took these pictures, he told me that he was going to cum on my face. But when I was riding him, he couldn’t hold back. I didn’t mind. I love getting my asshole creampied!”

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