Janessa Loren – Premiere pumping

Premiere pumping

Premiere pumping

A secretary at a medical spa, brunette New Yorker Janessa Loren was eager and ready to model. Janessa talked about how she came here.

“I actually know a photographer in New York who does a lot of art but also a lot of erotica. It’s all very tasteful stuff. He had sent girls to you before and he talked to me about it and said you guys are the best. So he was the one who recommended me to you.”

Living in New York, Janessa gets plenty of attention. Wolf whistles and other sounds while she’s walking to work are routine.

“I would say I’m a sexy secretary, but I’m around women all day and I don’t get to dress sexy. The funny thing is when I was growing up, I never thought about my boobs. But as I grew up and saw movies, pictures and whatever else, I realized one day that they were pretty awesome to have. So now I really like my boobs.”

Janessa said she developed at 11 and reached her current size at 14. She can wear a 34DDD to a 34G. Janessa has trouble finding bras that fit.

“It all depends on who makes it,” she said.

This dude hit the power-boob jackpot when he was paired with Janessa for her first XXX scene. One lucky fuck.

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