Vanessa Lust – Hey Bartender!

Hey Bartender!

Hey Bartender!

Vanessa works as a bartender in South Beach; party central for athletes, celebrities and beautiful people from around the world. One night, while pouring shots for the wasted elite, she served a young girl who looked to be paying for her entire group of friends. “I asked her what she did for a living that allowed her to drop a thousand dollars on a tab without batting an eye,” Vanessa told us. “She leaned in and told me that she does porn. We got to talking, and she gave me your recruiter’s phone number. I never thought I’d be doing porn, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I mean I’m practically naked at work because it gets me attention and more tips. I might as well shoot some pictures and enjoy the attention!”

“I love going to the beach and hanging with friends,” Vanessa let us know. “I like going to strip clubs in Miami, or shooting out to the Everglades for some outdoor adventures. I’m an outdoors girl, for sure. But I’m not a butch or a tomboy. I’m still feminine. I like to wear short skirts and dresses. They make it easier to fuck! I can just hike them up, pull my panties to the side and get that cock inside me!”

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