Dayton Hines – The T&A Workout

The T&A Workout

The T&A Workout

“If I am really horny, I can masturbate for up to an hour,” said Dayton Hines who does a pretty complete workout in this photo set. “I like the latex dick vibrators so I can pretend it’s a cock. I don’t need any lube. A few minutes of vibrating my clitoris and lips and I’m all wet and open. Now, when it comes to men, I will initiate things if I really like a guy. If I didn’t, I might still be a virgin.”

“I find that a lot of guys are shy and hesitant. Or they say weird things. The worst thing a guy said to me was ‘Do you really think you should eat that?’ The goofiest thing a guy has said to me so far was ‘Girl, you look so good, I wanna pour milk all over you and make you part of my complete breakfast.’ It was funny but it came out sounding kinda rehearsed.”

As fate would have it, Dayton’s modeling was short yet very sweet.

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