Holly Wood – Bunny Girl Bang

Bunny Girl Bang

Bunny Girl Bang

Bunny Girl Holly Wood climbs the peaks of pleasure but she’d never done a boy-girl scene on-camera until she came to SCORE. Holly talked about sex at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4 and we talked to the bust-out blonde about her first time at SCORE plus a few more topics.

SCORELAND: What position do guys at the Ranch ask for most?

Holly: Doggy style…because of my hourglass figure.

SCORELAND: What is the most unusual position you’ve ever tried?

Holly: It has to be the positions where they try to bend me like a pretzel and think I am a contortionist! It never works.

SCORELAND: Have you had sex with any porn stars at the Bunny Ranch?

Holly: I have worked with a lot of them but as far as threesomes go, no. Unless you count myself…I have sex with myself everyday.

SCORELAND: You have big boobs and ass. Do you attract more boob guys or more ass guys?

Holly: It’s funny. I usually ask every guy I meet and it’s 50/50. Or they just love both!

SCORELAND: Do you like tit-fucking?

Holly: It’s a huge turn on for me.

SCORELAND: What positions are your favorite for tit-fucking?

Holly: On my knees or on my back.

SCORELAND: Where do you like a guy to cum?

Holly: All over my chest!

SCORELAND: Do you think you will shoot more XXX in the future or is being a Bunny Girl enough satisfaction?

Holly: I’d love, love, love to come back to SCORE again.

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