Sana Fey – Nurse Takes Work Home

Nurse Takes Work Home

Nurse Takes Work Home

Nurse Sana Fey wants to head home. Her car won’t start so the friendly doctor at the hospital offers to take her home. And fuck her. He blows a load after fucking Busty Red’s tits. We never had a nurse with a rack like this, let alone one who fucked like this.

Before she was Sana Fey, this sexy minx went to Catholic school, then took her first job as an aerobics and Pilates instructor teaching over 30 classes a week. In need of money, she started dancing at a topless bar. She met the late agent Hal Guthu, who started her off on the road to dancing and modeling. Sana was a popular guest on SCORE‘s Boob Cruise ’97 and ’98. The passengers loved her energy and kittenish sex appeal. She had a great body and slinky legs that got her into Leg Sex magazine.

After Boob Cruise ’97, Sana got into hardcore videos, making well over 100 XXX titles, a large percentage of them girl-girl. She also did anal and interracial.

In March 2001, Sana Fey was sued by Jonathan Fisher, a customer at a Lake Worth, Florida club called the Peek-A-Boo Lounge (now called The Adult Depot), claiming that Sana wrapped her legs around his head on stage and injured his inner ear in October 1999. Fisher stated that Sana should have known the force of her leg lock could damage his inner ear, which he says caused him post-traumatic tinnitus (ringing in the ears). He sought $2,000 for lost wages and $4,000 for medical costs. Nothing ever came of the case. Some reporters questioned why it took the plaintiff 16 months to file a suit. In some ways, it’s similar to the Paul Shimkonis vs Tawny Peaks case in 1996 that originated at Diamond Dolls, also in Florida. That case wound up on TV’s The People’s Court presided by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch and was dismissed.

Now retired from stripping, modeling and porn, Sana resumed her work in fitness instruction.

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