Destiny Rose – Cream-pied Bra-Buster

Cream-pied Bra-Buster

Cream-pied Bra-Buster

The professor learns that his student is actually a coed-stripper and, even better, she has a crush on him. Lovely cornfed doll Destiny Rose is assertive and makes the first move. When he sees her lush curves and huge natural tits in all of their naked glory, it’s all over. They fuck then and there in his office and her moves are so hot, her body so voluptuous, that she easily coaxes a big load out of him inside her pussy.

“I think tit-fucking is hot,” real-life stripper Destiny said about her sex life back home in Ohio. “I will suck them or let a guy suck them while I ride. I love to smack people in the face with them during dances and sex. I like to have sex on my couch. I know it sounds weird, but I like to tell a guy to sit down and then I like to sit down on his lap, kind of in reverse-cowgirl, and bounce up and down on his dick really fast.”

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