Sheridan Love – Orange Is The New Rack

Orange Is The New Rack

Orange Is The New Rack

Orange is the new rack when that rack belongs to the one and only Sheridan Love who racks ’em up with her big Texas titties and juicy booty. Her indefatigable sex drive gets webcam chick Sheridan seeking The Big O and here’s one of her favorite ways of getting it.

What makes Sheridan laugh the hardest? “Being tickled,” Sheridan replied. “I am extremely ticklish.”

These are a few of her favorite things: “I love to be petted, like a cat. Men or curvy, busty women in a uniform of any kind. Watching porn scenes with big toys, DP and anything vampiric.”

Taste in men: “I appreciate a guy with a sense of humor who is polite and respectful. They need to do the little things like opening doors and treat others with courtesy and respect. If a guy wants to meet me, he should just come over and say hi. Don’t send me a drink or a friend over to speak for you. That doesn’t look confident and that’s not a desirable trait.”

Sheridan attends many adult conventions such as Adultcon and Exxxotica and those expos are a great way to meet her in person. One SCORE reader and Sheridan mega-fan just won her signed bra in a giveaway featured in Holiday 2015 SCORE. He’s met Sheridan at these conventions and he was ecstatic when he was notified about winning. “When I first saw Sheridan in person at Adultcon 2011, I could not take my eyes off her,” he said. “Ever since then, I try to go to the conventions that she’s attending.”

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