Roxi Red – Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

 Let's Get Physical

A collective cheer echoed through the office when Roxi Red returned for more photo shoots. SCORE editor Dave thought Roxi had gotten bustier when he went into the studio to say hello. The quack doctor Roxi is seeing in her boy-girl scene seems to agree with him.

Roxi is here to have a physical because she thinks her already gigantic breasts are still growing, a possibility that’s a hardening thought. This doctor has his own specialized medical techniques for examining large-chested women although the challenge of examining Roxi’s titanic tits is similar to climbing the Grand Teton.

These procedures include rubbing one’s face on the patient’s boobs, sucking her nipples, squeezing and shaking each breast and putting her on her tummy so that her tits dangle over the edge of the exam table. This allows the doctor to get on the floor and suck her hanging breasts. Admittedly, this particular doctor engages in somewhat unorthodox medical techniques but that doesn’t mean he’s a perv.

While continuing to knead and suck Roxi’s knockers, the doctor feels her hand cupping his junk. He’s shocked by this brazen move yet encourages her by dropping his pants. She swiftly takes his cock in her mouth. It’s oral temperature time.

The patients in the waiting room might be wondering what’s going on in there but they should be able to guess since the only reading material he provides are SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. And you were wondering why health care has gotten more expensive. Blame doctors like this for doing too many tests. Especially on Roxi Red and other big-bust models.

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