Marilyn Mayson – Sex In The Office

Sex In The Office

Sex In The Office

Welcome back, Marilyn Mayson, who is visiting the office of human resources director Peter because the other women in the company have been complaining about her. Marilyn wears her skirts too short, her tops are too scooped. She flirts too much. She flaunts her big tits and ass and gets the male employees worked up so much they have to jack off in the men’s room, lowering productivity. So Marilyn needs to defend herself against the bitches.

Peter doesn’t stand a chance. Not when Marilyn eye-bangs him with that intense look she beams at dudes she wants to suck and fuck. He weakly tries to resist which is useless and looks around nervously. Her hot bod and her beautiful face turn his iron willpower into pudding. Marilyn’s up for anything. She lives out her sex fantasies. Creampies, facials, swallowing, dirty talk, other chicks, role playing, panty sniffing, public sex, you name it. Peter was already done when she strolled into the office.

Marilyn’s going to make sure that every woman outside the office hears them fucking and her screaming as his cock plunges into her. That’ll teach ’em. All’s fair in office politics and sex.

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