Goldie Jackson – Go For The Goldie

Go For The Goldie

Go For The Goldie

Johnny walks into Goldie on the street on this sunny day and bumps her drink, spilling it all over her tight titty top. He tries to make amends by drying off her top in his building’s laundry room while they wait at his place. This sounds like the plot of a porn video but we swear this really happened.

Goldie, seeing that Johnny is a well-meaning creep, decides she wants her tits worked over and wants to be fucked by a big cock. And she wants it right now so he gets the honors. Rising to the occasion will be a pleasure.

“I like to smother guys with my giant titties,” says Goldie, a California girl. “Give them a big faceful. They should suck the nipples, lick them and lick around the areolae and squeeze them. But don’t squeeze too hard. They’re delicate. Squeeze them softly. They get more sensitive the more they get played with.”

Johnny doesn’t know all of this so he rams Goldie like a sex robot in all of his favorite positions. She likes a rough guy anyway.

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