Katie Thornton – Holiday Of Hooters

Holiday Of Hooters

Holiday Of Hooters

Everyone’s got a North Pole when more photos and videos of Katie Thornton are delivered by Santa to SCORELAND. For this occasion, jiggle belle Katie is wearing the official Santa’s helper costume. It’s a good thing the ol’ workshop has central heating.

SCORE‘s Newcomer of the Year contest is about to close and it’s been a tight race. Here’s a couple of comments about Katie by two of her followers.

“While any and all of these ladies would be worthy winners, you only need to take one glimpse at Ms. Thornton to see that she would stand out even in a crowd as beautiful as this one! Those luscious red lips, those smoldering hazel eyes, that gorgeous blonde hair…all together, this lady would be sexy enough to stop traffic even without the two assets which so amply qualify her to be a top-notch SCORE Girl being quite so very ample as they are. In fact, add to that an enticing Lancashire lass-style accent, which in Katie’s case somehow manages to sound exotically sexy even to a fellow Brit like me, and I predict that the whole package could very easily add up to a future SCORE Hall of Famer in the works although hopefully not for a very long time!”

“Katie Thornton is a very welcome addition to SCORE! This girl is the total package. Her face is beautiful, with flowing blonde hair, smoky eyes, and a seductive smile. Then there’s her amazing body, with perfect, full, GG-cup round tits, plus long, sexy legs, and a great ass. As a bonus, she’s completely shaved, and gives us a great view! I hope to see lots more Katie Thornton in the near future. She has got to be a strong contender for 2015 SCORE Newcomer of the Year.”

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