Allie Pearson – Jiggle Belle!

Jiggle Belle!

Jiggle Belle!

Don’t we all love the holidays at XL Girls? Girls are happier, bubblier and seem to be bouncing and twerking a little more vigorously than usual. Take Allie Pearson, a girl any guy could easily fall for. She’s ecstatic at this time of the year and we’re the recipients of her giddy glee.

What’s inside that holiday gift bag Allie’s showing us? We’re about to find out. She’ll put it to good use. “Apparently, I’ve been bad this year,” says Allie with a laugh. The breast is yet to come as Allie prepares to set your Yule log on fire.

“I’ll play with myself when I have the house to myself,” says 23-year-old Allie. “I’ve never owned a toy so I rub my clit for stimulation until I climax. You’re seeing me do something here that I don’t do at home and I can’t tell you how much that excites me. I really do feel naughty.”

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