Sadie Blooms – High Sugar Sex

High Sugar Sex

High Sugar Sex

Sadie Blooms is young and eager to spread her wings. Trying all kinds of new experiences is on her agenda. She feels the body is beautiful. In her case, she’s right. Showing off her big, natural tits and spreading her legs on-camera interested her. So did doing dirty dancing with porn studs. A friend who loves SCORE and V-mag clued her in.

Sadie’s fantasy is to have spontaneous quickies all over the place. “I love doggie-style when I want it rough, me straddling his lap when I want it to be more intimate.”

Dressed in a skimpy bra, panties and heels, Sadie greets her date with a cleavage-full of whipped cream decorated by a strawberry. After licking that up, she sprays whipped cream on his cock, he puts it on her pussy, and they have a high-calorie licking.

Sadie is one fucking lusty, sexy girl and puts Largo through his paces. She uses her big boobs to make him cum and swallows most of his load, looking at the camera with a big smile on her skeet-glazed lips. She’s sexier and much more natural than a large percentage of the professional porn stars who make hundreds of videos.

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