Beverly Paige – Pickup on <i>SCORE</i> Street

Pickup on SCORE Street

Pickup on <i>SCORE</i> Street” title=”Pickup on <i>SCORE</i> Street” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=By Dave Rosenbaum

Two guys are sitting in a car when they see a hot-looking Goth chick in sexy clothes coming out of a building. It’s Beverly Paige. She looks like she’s hot in that outfit. She also looks hot in that outfit. The guys call her over.

“You’re looking real good,” one of them says. “I was actually complimenting you on your titties. I was wondering how big they were.”

Okay, stop. This is the kind of comment that can result in one of two things: 1.) The girl calling you a sleazy asshole and walking away; 2.) The girl saying “Thank you” and offering up her tits to you.

Now which one do you think happens here?

Amazing. This guy is going to get Beverly even though he basically treats her like a whore, offering her “some kind of compensation” for coming back to his house and trying on some sexy clothes. Cock-sucking and fucking ensues.

This has never happened to me. It almost did once in Maine, but I was so convinced that I was about to be the victim of the boyfriend’s-at-home-with-a-gun sting that I bailed out at the last second.

Of course, that girl wasn’t as hot as Beverly. Few girls are.

“I was an exotic dancer for a couple of years,” Beverly said. “It was exhilarating because I was getting over a fear of being nude in public. I mean, I was the girl who would change into gym clothes in the bathroom stall in high school.

“At first, the girls intimidated me and I was trying to compete with them. Then I realized that every guy likes something different. When I was dancing, I was kind of heavy, but I could dance. You have to get over the fact that sometimes the other girls’ bodies are going to be different than yours. Sometimes they’re even going to be better than yours. But, oh well! Get over it.”

Beverly has nothing to get over. The other girls’ bodies are not better than hers.

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