Alex Tifany – Lewd Lips

Lewd Lips

Lewd Lips

Alex, what’s up with the sexy lingerie?
“I like fancy underwear like Victoria’s Secret. It’s pretty, and it makes me feel sexy. I wish I could just walk around in my lingerie, but I don’t think that would go over too well. My mom and I are about the same size so I used to steal her lingerie, but now I’ve got my own. My only complaint is that thongs don’t always contain my big pussy lips.”

Yours are pretty big, and that’s hot. Do you ever spread them for guys?
“I spread them for guys and girls! I’m bisexual. I love it when a person is eating me out and my big pussy lips are all over their cheeks, soaking their whole face with my juice. Then when they come up to kiss me I can smell and taste myself on them, and it’s almost like I’m going down on myself. Having big lips has its benefits. I’ve been told by other girls that when they scissor with me my lips rubbing on their clit feels really good. It feels good for me too because I like my lips rubbed and played with.”

Do you like guys or girls more?
“I’m attracted to both of them the same. With girls it’s a sensual thing–passionate touching, kissing and oral. With guys, well, I want to get fucked! They’re big and strong and can pound me. My favorite is to be in a three-way so I can have both.”

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