Nikky Wilder – Wilder, Nikki, Wilder!

Wilder, Nikki, Wilder!

Wilder, Nikki, Wilder!

The nimble fingers of tailor Nikki Wilder are at work sewing a garment while our eyes are fixated on Nikki’s enormous tits. She sings to herself as her bra-supported, uplifted boobs rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation. Our tailor is an elderly lady from the old country. Welcome to the tailors of the new country. They have big hooters, pretty faces and wide-load asses. Girls you want to donate every drop of your cum to.

Mr. Tarzan enters Nikki’s shop in need of alterations. He’s just hit the tits and ass lottery. Nikki feels his arms, then takes him to her measuring area. Notice how she sticks his arm between her boobs while she tape-measures his bicep.

Keeling on the floor, Nikki shows massive sweaterbumps from the birds-eye view. Tape in hand, Nikki comes to her favorite part, the male crotch, and measures that. Ditching the tape, she keeps her hand there and rubs his junk. This is an invitation for him to feel the soft, smooth skin of her breasts. He pulls his cock out and Nikki immediately pops it in her mouth.

After sucking some cock, Nikki puts her tits together, still contained in her bra, so she can give him a tit-wank, then sucks his cock and nuts some more. Nikki takes off her top and bra, releasing her national treasures for more fun and games. The tailoring is forgotten as they fuck their brains out on the couch as well as a hot piledriver on the floor with Nikki upside-down. What about the alterations? Forget about it.

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