Anastasia Blake – A veterinary tech who became a one-shot wonder

A veterinary tech who became a one-shot wonder

A veterinary tech who became a one-shot wonder

Some girls try modeling once for a lark. Others have long-term ambitions. You know who the long-termers are. Anastasia Blake tried it only once. I thought she was a natural at it.

The toy Anastasia is pumping up inside her pussy in this video is made by Doc Johnson. It was different and there was something dirty about it. Which means it was good.

Anastasia saw the website while surfing the Net and had a friend snap several test shots, which she emailed. The Ohio veterinary technician has a boyfriend and a girlfriend. You know what that means… she just needs a fourth person for bridge.

Anastasia wears a bra “anytime I go anywhere or when I have company, but most of the time when I’m just relaxing at home, I go bra-less. I’m usually in scrubs because I’m usually out after work. But when I’m actually going out, I wear nice jeans and a tight top, a tank top in summer, a sweater in winter, and always some sort of nice shoes. I have a huge love of shoes. I have more shoes than bras.”

Anastasia mentioned her hottest experience.

“My girlfriend came to my house, and the evening ended with both of us in bed with my boyfriend. We tied him up and I sucked his cock while he ate her out and she ate me out. It was pretty intense and so amazing!”

I would have liked to have seen that recreated in the SCORE studio, but the bird flew the coop after her one-time fling at masturbatory modeling. I’m happy she came.

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