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Pucker Up

Pucker Up

Lily has our favorite combo of traits.
She’s a cute blonde girl from Colorado who is half wholesome and half naughty sex kitten. She likes hiking, going to hockey games and playing video games. One day she even wants to own a bakery. But Lily also likes to be sexually dominated and fucked every day. “I like to be completely controlled by someone, almost used,” she said.

How did you lose your virginity?
“It was really sweet because it was with this guy I had a crush on for a long time. We spent a whole Saturday going at it and taking breaks to eat and play video games. He was really gentle and nice, and it was the ideal way to lose your virginity. He made sure to finger me–which I love–and eat me out for a long time before putting it in, so I didn’t have too much pain when he popped my cherry. That was fun, but the more I started to have sex, the more I developed a taste for kinky things. I wanted sex to be a little rougher, harder, a little dirtier.”

What’s been your kinkiest sexual encounter?
“Before I came to your studio I would masturbate on a web cam. One time when I was fucking myself with a dildo I got myself to squirt! I haven’t been able to do it since, but I’m determined to make it happen again. I also had a three-way in a fancy hotel room. The guy was a champ. He had enough energy to fuck the other girl and I hard without cumming for a long time!”

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