Nancy Navarro – Nancy’s breast growth spurt

Nancy’s breast growth spurt

Nancy's breast growth spurt

Nancy Navarro had an awesome body when she first posed at SCORELAND in 2012. She returned at the end of 2013 with bigger tits after a late growth spurt. She wasn’t sure what kicked it off. The Bronx heartbreaker called and asked if we wanted to see her new look. This is like asking a dog if he wants a treat. Her tits looked three cup sizes bigger when she showed up.

Born in Venezuela on a small island called Margarita, Nancy moved to New York City when she was 19. Her sisters don’t have big boobs. She is the only one so blessed.

“Sometimes I yell at my mom, ‘You gave me this,'” Nancy told us.

Living in congested New York, Nancy is a magnet for boob hounds. Every street corner has them.

“I try not to sit down on my train because if I’m sitting down, you get to see the cleavage. That’s the best view, I imagine. So I’ll be sitting down and I can feel them watching and I’m like, ‘Well, enjoy, I guess.’ I try to find a corner where there’s nobody, but that’s not always easy. And people bump into me.”

Nancy talked bras and nipple hardness. This is never easy for a tit-guy to handle, psychologically and physiologically, without running to his happy seat.

“I don’t like to wear a bra because they’re too tight. I can’t breathe. For the bras to hold properly, they have to be small around the chest, but that’s just too tight for me. My nipples are always hard. Cold, hot, not hot, not cold, doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It doesn’t even matter if I’m turned on or not turned on.”

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