Willow Lynn – Coed Cunt

Coed Cunt

Coed Cunt

“My professor took these photos of me,” Willow told us. “I can’t tell you where I go to school or what I’m studying because he could lose his tenure. I can say that my major requires me to spend one-on-one time with him. It’s not unusual for me and my fellow students to go to his house to discuss projects. It’s the perfect excuse for us to carry on our relationship. He also has a department camera there. One thing led to another and we started getting frisky in the yard. I was so giddy and horny that I actually became a little dizzy.”

“I was completely inexperienced when I got to college. My professor literally taught me everything I know about sex. He wasn’t my first kiss, but he was my first for everything else. I’m totally in love with him. I think he loves me, too. I just wish the school didn’t have so many rules about faculty dating! Oh well, we still have fun wherever we can. That includes his office. He even bought me a naughty student outfit to wear. I bend over his desk and he gives me spankings! If we don’t get found out, I’ll send in more photos to you.”

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