Devyn Devine – Sex With The Maid

Sex With The Maid

Sex With The Maid

Devyn Devine, like most sexually advanced bra-busters, likes forceful dick-slingers to fill her throat and pussy and fuck her big tits. Sensitive, gentle types like Ross from Friends or McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy will probably be rejected by a Brooklyn-born tough girl like Devyn. She may like a guy like that as a buddy but not a fuck buddy.

Devyn is under the mistaken impression that slut-master JR is going to let her do her maid’s work unmolested. Sorry, baby, he no can do. Not with those hooters and thick ass in his face. The Rod Man pulls out his hose for her dairy cans and wet tongue as soon as he sees an opening. Devyn may not be a good servant but she is a great cock-cleaner with her mouth.

Before she became a maid at XL Girls, Devyn was a stripper. “I was a dancer for six years, and I would take tips with my boobs,” Devyn told us. “Guys would put dollars down on tip row, and I would take them and put them in their mouth, and I’d push my tits together around their faces to take the tip, and I tell ya, I almost killed a lot of men. I’d forget that they were in there. I’d take the dollar and the song would be playing, and I’d forget a guy was in there, and I’d be like, ‘Oh, crap, I’d better let him out.'”

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