Roxi Red – Roxi Returns!

Roxi Returns!

Roxi Returns!

It’s been two years since Roxi Red appeared at SCORELAND but like some hooter holiday miracle, Roxi is back and this re-connection makes us do the happy dance in our pants.

With the news announced in advance on the Blog, Roxi’s fans lit up: “A knockout for the ages and from the picture above, it looks as if she is even hotter,” commented Seth. “I loved her work from the not too distant past and I look very forward to the fantastic shoots she will add to her portfolio. As always, she is naturally gorgeous and in the hands of TSG, she will be exceptionally radiant in her return.”

This photo shoot is our concept of the perfect SCORE meeting with Roxi running the show. The male members of the staff have harder wood than the table Roxi is playing on. Every department head gets to motorboat as she makes her way around the conference room. No one wants the meeting to end.

Roxi’s seen all of her videos and checked out all of her photo sets. “I got turned on and loved looking at myself,” Roxi said. “I even had sex..with myself.” That means we did our job well. With Roxi, how could we not?

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