Roxi Red – Roxi Returns!

Roxi Returns!

Roxi Returns!

Another big surprise, and we do mean big, is the long-awaited return of Roxi Red after two years away from the SCORELAND men who love her. “Simply stunning!” Sean commented on the Blog. “I always wondered if Roxi was going to return and I am delighted at this news. Genuinely massive naturals and certainly in the Premier League of gargantuan tits along with Poppos, Miosotis and a few others.”

Now this is our ultimate idea of the perfect SCORE meeting. Roxi conducts it from the beginning to the climax, shedding her clothes with each point of business discussed. We agree and support every motion Roxi makes. This is how future SCORE plans should be tabled, with each department head getting those K-cups thrust in their faces! Dream on!

“It looked to me as if Roxi’s tits had gotten bigger (they were K-cups) and she’d slimmed down,” Dave wrote on that Blog entry. Roxi’s waist is definitely trimmer. She’s one of the greatest slim and stacked naturals since 1992, like an Otis Sweat painting come to life.

Welcome back, Roxi Red!

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