Taylor Tee – For her guy

For her guy

For her guy

Age: 21 Born: Sep 11 Ht: 5’4″ Wt: 117 Lbs. Bras: 36B Panties: Thongs Anal: Just getting into it BJs: Swallow; Lives: Alton, England; Occupation: Waitress.

“Surely this will get a rise out of my boyfriend,” Taylor told us via email. “He’s had a tough go of it lately. He was sacked from his last job because he was going to school full-time and couldn’t keep up with his hours. Now he has to work nights and weekends. I hardly see him! All of this stress has started to affect his sex-drive. He took these photos of me a few months before all of this, though. I’ve decided to submit them to you because I think he’ll enjoy seeing his girlfriend on your site.”

“Guys always want to take naked pictures of their girlfriends. They probably always have. My boyfriend brought up the idea like he was the first bloke to have thought of it! I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’ve let all of my previous guys do it, too. I love posing! It makes me feel so sexy and erotic and beautiful. I don’t think any people other than my guys have seen them, though. Sending in my photos to you is crazy awesome!”

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