Stephanie Stalls – Stick What Up My Ass?

Stick What Up My Ass?

Stick What Up My Ass?

Our friend Mr. Largo passes by the models’ dressing room. He sees a pair of very sexy legs that go up all the way and make an absolute ass out of themselves. The girl is bent over, adjusting her heels. “Oh shit, that’s Stephanie Stalls,” Largo says. “I banged her the last time she was here. I remember her being wild. She likes all kinda freaky stuff. Know what? I bet she has no idea I’m banging her today in an anal scene.” Yes, the boring life of a penis model. Juan has our sympathies.

Stephanie spins around and recognizes Largo who she once boob-blessed and tit-gifted on a previous trip. Largo compliments Stephanie on her super-busty stripper body. “Wait a minute. Am I fucking you today?” she asks. They chat and Stephanie wants to see his dick again.

Juan pulls it out and Stephanie squats in front of him. She wraps her hand around it and marvels at the size, comparing it to her forearm. “That is so huge,” she gushes. Can she take it all in her ass? “Sure,” Stephanie says. “But first you’re gonna have to open me up.” Largo probes her butt with lubed fingers, inserting two inside it. Anal sex has truly opened up a hole new world of sensation to Miss Stephanie Stalls.

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