Alisa – Looking for a Date

Looking for a Date

Looking for a Date

Age: 20 Born: Apr. 17 Ht: 5’5″ Wt: 132 Lbs. Bras: 36D Panties: Thongs Anal: Go slow! BJs: Swallow Lives: Perth, Scotland; Occupation: Midwifery student.

“I hope you guys accept my pictures,” Alisa wrote us, as if it were even a question. She wanted us to give her a coveted spot in our magazine Newcummers. “I’m in school and trying to find time to date, but it’s difficult with my hectic schedule. Still, a girl needs to get off, right? I’ve always had a fantasy about posing in a pornographic magazine. I wanted to be that girl who all the guys fantasized about and jacked off thinking about. A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me that it’s the right time. I don’t have a jealous boyfriend controlling me. I don’t have a job I can get fired from if they found out. Besides, I’m young. I’m allowed to be a little crazy!”

“Most men are obsessed with my breasts, but I’m not really a fan of them. I wish they were smaller. I’m so much fonder of my ass. I love when attention is paid to my ass. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love a good, firm spanking. It drives me wild when a man takes me over his knee and brings his hand down hard onto my fanny. It’s not hard enough unless my cheeks are bright red and stinging. If he does that, I’ll be putty in his hands. I’ll do anything he wants.”

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