Inesse – Plump At The Pool

Plump At The Pool

Plump At The Pool

Bureaucratic red tape always prevented Inesse from visiting the USA so she was filmed in London during her Voluptuous period and in Spain when she got heavier. Inesse found us. She lives in Latvia and sent SCORE in Miami a letter with several nude snapshots by regular mail, and as soon as we saw her pictures, we booked her immediately. Over time, Inesse gained weight. These photos were taken during her “winter” stage. Whether Voluptuous or plump, Inesse was a knockout and she still is one. She always had a 9-5 job and got too busy to continue modeling.

“Men always look at me, especially in summer,” Inesse said. “I try not to recognize those looks and just march to my destination with an ‘angry,’ confident kinda look! It helps most of the time, but not always. T-shirts do not help. And imagine me wearing black spandex! Big trouble! ‘Hi, baby, what’s your name?’ they yell. And I am not even rich and famous! They stared in London. In Latvia, they stare even more!”

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