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Starr power

Starr power

I know I’m not supposed to play favorites, but Elizabeth Starr is my favorite porn star ever. Here’s what I once wrote about her on the SCORELAND Blog about a year before this scene, her first boy-girl in the SCORE Studio, was shot.

“I’m not sure if you and your friends ever have these conversations, but sometimes when I’m having lunch with Elliot James, we start talking about the greatest porn performers ever, and for me, the discussion begins and ends with one woman: Elizabeth Starr.

“Now, here’s what I mean by that. Is she the bustiest porn star ever? No, not at all. Has she done the filthiest, nastiest stuff, the kind of stuff you’d even hide from your friends who have vast porn collections? No, she hasn’t. She isn’t even one of the most prolific. According to online porn encyclopedias, she has appeared in fewer than 60 movies (compare that to Kelly Wells, who’s closing in on 500).

“But here’s the thing, and as I explain this, perhaps I should rethink my use of the phrase ‘porn performer’ because when you see Elizabeth in action, you know she’s not performing (as opposed to Kelly Wells, who seems to treat her body as a cock receptacle). She’s enjoying herself. Loving what she’s doing. The expression on her face…you just can’t fake that. I also love her long slut fingernails and her big, hanging tits. When Elizabeth is getting fucked, she squeals, and when she sucks cock, she slobbers all over it, gives it a little head shake while it’s in her mouth (I don’t know why she does that; she just does), and she has this great girly-slut voice that makes my cock hard every time I hear it.

“It just so happens that Elliot is friends with Elizabeth, and several months ago, she was in town. Elliot went out to lunch with her, and he invited me along. Of course, I accepted. Elizabeth looked spectacular. Long, blonde hair. Those slut fingernails I love. A super-tight top that hugged her big tits. Skin-tight jeans that hugged her little ass. I wanted to throw her on top of the table and fuck her right in the middle of the restaurant. I kept imagining her slipping under the table and giving me one of her famous blowjobs, slobbering all over the place, me calling to the waiter, “Garçon! More napkins, please!” as puddles of Liz saliva form on the floor.

“I mean, this is really immature, and you’d think after nine years of working at The SCORE Group, thoughts like these wouldn’t be going through my mind, but I kept thinking, ‘This woman who’s sitting next to me right now is one of the greatest fuck sluts ever.'”

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