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Love & Sex

The life of a hot wife living in a swanky house: The husband’s not home, and when he is, he’s not taking care of his husbandly duties. When one of his acquaintances knocks on the door looking for him, Sheridan lets him in. She could use some strange cock, and he’ll do what the husband won’t do. Sheridan lets him have it with both boob barrels. She’s on the prowl, but this one was delivered to her door.

In her SCOREtv chat with host Dave (Season 2 Episode 3), Sheridan talks about her transition from solos and girl-girl scenes to boy-girl action.

“I like cum on my tits. I think it’s hot. I like to play with it,” Sheridan says. She likes to watch her blow jobs. (So do we.) But she only watches a little bit of the fucking. “My actual favorite scene was my first, when JMac picked me up. That was awesome. That still blows my mind. I’ve never had that before. I loved it.”

Sheridan’s next-favorite moment? In her second scene with JMac, when she’s placed in the piledriver position. Sheridan had never done that. And there’s the difference between home sex and porn sex.

“Porn sex gets a little more-what’s the word?-acrobatic. It’s so much fun!” Sheridan says.

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