Penny Porsche – Meet Penny Porsche

Meet Penny Porsche

Meet Penny Porsche

At the end of this interview, Penny Porsche came very close to squirting in my face. I’m not complaining, mind you, and I would’ve let her squirt in my face if I’d brought a change of shirt to work. But I hadn’t, so Penny kept her squirt to herself.

A few things you should know: Penny is a mom, and that makes her a MILF, a mother any SCORE Man would give his left nut to fuck. She also used to be a full-time salesperson, but she became a full-time adult entertainer and porn star, one of the greatest busty MILF porn stars in the world. One look at Penny tells you she belongs in SCORE. With her F-cup tits and slim ‘n’ stacked body, Penny is the epitome of the SCORE Girl. She took a little longer getting to SCORE than most big-breasted girls do, but she was worth the wait.

“I was always so busy working, I just never had time for fun,” Penny said. “Now it’s all about me. I love posing. I get off on it.”

Penny gets off on a lot of things. Like giving oral sex in Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. Fucking and sucking on video, which she has done many times. And on constantly spreading and fingering her pussy during this interview.

“I like talking while playing with myself,” she said.

I told Penny that she seemed fascinated by her pussy. She told me she’s fascinated by sex. I asked her how she gets off. She said, “I get off instantly by putting a pillow between my legs and humping it. I get a certain pillow, stick it between my legs and basically, I’m just humping the pillow. And while I’m doing it, I think about something that’s really going to get me off, like some young stud with a good dick or some hot guy and a girl together or two girls or whatever. Whatever comes to my mind at the time.”

By the way, Penny doesn’t just have giant tits. She has a giant clit, too. Check it out.

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