Cheryl – Hairy Gaper

Hairy Gaper

Hairy Gaper

Remember Cheryl? We posted some pics of her a while back. We asked you guys if you wanted to see more of this impressively hairy girl. We wanted to know if she had gone too far. A couple of you guys commented (which we appreciate), and a couple of guys sent us emails. The consensus was that Cheryl is welcome here at NaughtyMag as long as she keeps spreading her pussy.

We love a hairy clam. We also love a nice, pink gaper. Cheryl’s got both, which is one of the reasons we like her so much. She’s also got a nice, creamy complexion and squeezable titties. She curses like a sailor, but she does it in a sweet way. Basically, Cheryl might just be our favorite bush baby…so far.

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