Suzie – Fur Pie?

Fur Pie?

Fur Pie?

Are you guys hungry for a fur pie? Suzie’s got a hot and fresh one, and she’s just waiting for you to dive in! “I grew out my pubes about a year ago after me and my mates had a discussion about the last time we saw a girl without a bush. We realized that we’d all only seen shaved pussies, and that wasn’t a natural thing. We all said we’d go three months without shaving. We had a bush club! Eventually their boyfriends and hubbies all made them shave again, but I’m single, so I kept mine! I love it now.”

“I thought that I wouldn’t have as many guys offer to eat me out when I grew the bush, but the exact opposite is true. I’ve got a couple of casual hookups, and one of them never used to lick my pussy when I was shaved. As soon as I got a little stubble down there, he was grinding his goatee into my cunt like nobody’s business! He says that my pussy smells more like a pussy than he’s ever experienced. He says that shaved girls smell like soap and shampoo, not like a tasty cunnie.”

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