Kerry Marie – Is bigger better? You know the answer

Is bigger better? You know the answer

Is bigger better? You know the answer

These photos and the video are the kinds of things we used to do now and then. We called it, “Is Bigger Better?” and since the photos always ran in SCORE, Voluptuous or XL Girls magazine and the videos on our websites, the implied answer was, “Yes!”

In this case, we took British natural Kerry Marie, one of the greatest busty models ever, and put her side-by-side with Missy, an amateur model with nice tits but nothing to compare with Kerry’s. Kerry measured 44-34-40 at the time. Missy measured 34-24-34. We called her a waif, although she’s hardly that. But next to Kerry, she looks almost flat-chested.

In XL Girls magazine, we wrote, “We know some guys prefer skinny chicks over stacked-and-packed babes. But why would a guy want to fuck a bony butt when he can sink his cock into Kerry’s fleshy rear? And what man can resist the allure of FF-cup hangers?”

It was a mismatch, and poor Missy was setup for failure, and Kerry Marie scored a resounding victory with readers. And I have no doubt that if Kerry and Missy walked down a street side-by-side, all eyes would be on Kerry. That’s just the advantage busty babes have. But you already know that.

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