Roxee Robinson – Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee's Robust Rack

“My titties feel so good,” says Roxee Robinson as she rubs Canada’s national treasures. No doubt they do. Yes, we have our great ally Canada to thank for Roxee. The redhaired mynx spoke to us from her home.

XLGirls: Roxee, who, or what, motivated you to become an adult model?

Roxee: My boyfriend. He took some sexy pictures of me about five years ago. I had no idea I was that sexy! I started posting my sexy pics online. I got amazing feedback. It got me hooked. I’ve been taking sexy pics of myself every chance I get ever since. I wanted to show off my sexiness, so I started looking into places to show off.

XLGirls: How long have you been modeling?

Roxee: I just started this year.

XLGirls: How did we find you?

Roxee: Elliot James first discovered me on a breast forum in 2012 and suggested I apply to SCORE. I did apply, but I wasn’t accepted at the time. Then, in April 2015, a SCORE Group model recruiter contacted me through Twitter. This time I was accepted. It took a while to get my shoot booked, but it was well worth the wait because SCORE sent me to Prague for my shoot!

XLGirls: How did you like shooting in Prague?

Roxee: I had a wonderful time in Prague. The crew that I was with was amazing. They were so professional as well as warm and welcoming. Prague was incredible. That was my first trip to Europe.

XLGirls: Did you have time to play tourist?

Roxee: I did get to enjoy a little bit of Prague. My photographer took me on a drive to tour Prague and showed me all the incredible sights that tourists go to Prague to see. I also took a few walks to really take in the architecture. The buildings there are breathtaking. I also visited the mall for shopping. After wrapping up my final shoot on Saturday, the weather was so great that I went on a two-hour walk. I walked by the river where there was a music festival going on. I wish I had a little more time there. I would have gone to tour Prague Castle.

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