Liza Biggs – Roped-in Beauty

Roped-in Beauty

Roped-in Beauty

Liza Biggs can’t come to the phone right now. She’s all tied up. But no worries. Liza’s learned the ropes and easily escapes. She’s got more moves than Houdini.

Liza ropes herself after she busts out of her bonds and plays boob games with that cord, making herself the hottest table centerpiece any man can dream of. Then she finally tries out the glass table that girls from Hitomi to Annie Swanson have squished their big tits against.

Liza’s a sous chef. Before that, she was a flight attendant based out of Hawaii. She’s traveled extensively.

“I also traveled a lot when I was in school. I’ve been to Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and France. I’ve been all over the United States. I’ve never been with any of the pilots, but yeah, they’re all pervs. They’re nice pervs, but they’re pervs!”

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