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Maid To Fuck

Maid To Fuck

“Man and maid” printed erotica hit its zenith during the Victorian era in the UK. I once read a massive book called “My Secret Life” by “Walter,” that dates from that time. It’s claimed to be “Walter’s” actual autobiography. He was an upper-class man of leisure who spent his entire life in the pursuit of women and decided to write about it. Maids, prostitutes, pick-ups, women of social standing and many other females from all walks of life were his targets. This satyr seemed to only think about “cunt” as he called their pussies. He used the word cunt so often in his chapters that the word loses any shock value quickly. Today, he would be deep-fried as a male chauvinist pig by most women.

The tradition of man fucking maid lives on in today’s porn. Sex addict “Walter” would be ecstatic seeing this Sirale scene.

Sirale fills out her maid’s costume and keeps her blouse open so her cleavage can be appreciated by Jay. Sirale likes teasing men first before she gives them her busty body. Jay can’t keep it in his shorts and pulls it out. Sirale could feather dust it along with the furniture but she likes to relieve any stiffness she causes.

Sticking his head between her legs, Jay licks and sucks Sirale’s cunt. (Thanks, “Walter.”) Fucking Sirale’s big boobs, mouth and hole is worth more than a clean apartment.

A woman with an ordinary life who only dabbled in porn, cherub-faced Sirale was a good V-Girl. I sent Sirale some questions since her model bio needed more fleshing out.

SCORE: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?
Sirale: Yes, sometimes, but I would rather like to watch my partner.

SCORE: Do you like to use toys at home? What kind do you own?
Sirale: I have vibrators, vibe rings and Venus Balls.

SCORE: Do you watch adult videos or surf adult websites?
Sirale: Occasionally, and if I do, I like to be alone.

SCORE: Which nationality makes the best lovers?
Sirale: I really don’t have a clue on this one. I had only one very good lover so far and he was Czech.

But when it came to straight-up fucking, not lovemaking, Sirale got her share at SCORE. Five times, by my counting.

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