Chevy Cobain – “Gimme An F!”

“Gimme An F!”

Chevy Cobain says she’s a football fan and likes the San Francisco 49ers. That inspired this cheerleader scene and photo shoot. Chevy is our fantasy football pick for hot cheerleader of the month at XL Girls.

Chevy is kind of a quiet girl, in every way. She was low-key in her chatting with our photographer. She likes the guy to take charge of her–especially in bed–and tell her what to do, how to suck and jack, what positions to get into, what he wants her to do with his nut. Plowing her from behind with one hand tickling her clit is one of her favorite ways that a guy can get her to cum-city. She usually swallows a guy’s load because spitters are quiters.

Despite her talents, Chevy says she doesn’t go on many dates. This is kind of puzzling. A girl like her should be beating off the tits-and-ass men with a baseball bat. (Not that kind of beating off.) So maybe that’s why Chevy decided to try nude modeling and sex on-camera. To get some well-deserved action.

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