Kim Anh – Anh-al sex

Anh-al sex

Anh-al sex

In these photos, lovely 62-year-old Kim Anh DPs herself.

How does she DP herself? By shoving a dildo inside her ass while Rocky fucks her pussy.

Of course, later, Rocky’s cock fucks her pussy. Because that’s how Kim rolls. She loves getting ass-fucked. She told us, although you can tell by the look on her face.

“I’ve always been adventurous,” said Kim, who’s married and a housewife. “I always tried to move above and beyond my comfort zone. That’s how I like to live.”

By the way, she’s comfortable with a cock in her ass.

Kim was born in Thailand. She used to be a tour guide and trekked the Himalayas. Very adventurous. But we’re willing to bet that more women have trekked the Himalayas than have gotten ass-fucked on-camera.

“I love to get fucked in the ass. It’s a very intense and pleasurable feeling.”

Despite being 62 and very sexually active, Kim has an incredibly tight pussy and asshole.

“My husband says my asshole feels tight like a pussy. My pussy is also very tight. Men like to feel both of my holes squeezing their cocks so tight. They have big orgasms because of it.”

Rocky has a big orgasm in this scene. Kim enjoys that, too.

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