Wow Nikki – Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Nasty hot-sheet motels have done more for people’s sex drives than a truckload of Cialis. Wow Nikki was a sex-loving, cock-loving bra-buster who said no to guy-girl action for several years.

Nikki wants to make it in a raunchy motel with lots of mirrors and an atmosphere that reeks of sex, a feeling that hits the guests the second they walk into the room, like a rolling fog off San Francisco Bay. They find exactly what they’re looking for and go at it.

Nikki is direct and open about sex. “I love doggie style, hands-down. Cock size is not important to me. A medium size dick is great. It’s all about the power behind the push.”

She also likes and licks girls. “I have lots of cute friends and I play that game a lot with girls. Nothing like licking some hot pussy.”

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