Mature Miranda Torri Mixed Solo

Miranda Torri – Miranda cums with experience

Miranda cums with experience

Miranda cums with experience

You may know Cassy Torri. She’s the 44-year-old divorcee who who sucked and fucked on-camera for our viewing pleasure. Well, this is her mother: 66-year-old Miranda Torri, who, if possible, is even hornier than her daughter. When Cassy got home from our studio, she called her mother, told her what she had done and said, “Would you be interesting in doing that?”

“I told her, ‘Yes, I would,'” Miranda said. “That’s how it started, and here I am! We’ve always had an open relationship. I don’t judge what she does, and she doesn’t judge what I do. We’re very open with each other. And she knows how open-minded I am and that I love to party.”

Here, after a brief interview, Miranda takes off her clothes and gets to work on her pussy. She’s a horny woman who’s even less inhibited than her daughter. But you know what they say about experience. Miranda has 22 years more of it than Cassy, and that’s a very good thing.

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