Jordynn LuXXX – Studying In The Stacks

Studying In The Stacks

Studying In The Stacks

If your science tutor Jordynn LuXXX thinks you can concentrate on the life cycle of fungus with her big boobs creating deep cleavage mounds in her tight pink sweater, well, she needs to up her studies of the male brain instead of fungi.

There will be no more tutoring today. Jordynn gets a little prickly when she catches you staring at her tits instead of reading your text. She offers to show you her hooters so you can get it out of your system and get back to the reason she’s with you in this classroom. No chance of that happening!

As soon as Jordynn takes her big fleshy jugs out, she gets into it and peels off her clothes piece by piece until she’s totally naked. A little reverse psychology has worked in your favor.

A hot eye-banger and all-around pleaser, Jordynn is one sexy little tutor who likes to get guys as hard as fucking railroad spikes. So our advice is to struggle in your studies so you can keep getting her assigned to you.

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