Jenna Valentine – Pillow party

Pillow party

Pillow party

Leanne Crow, a British babe with enormous, heavy, chest-covering J-cups, meets Jenna Valentine, a boob-loving American babe with enormous, pale, heavy H-cups. If you’re talking about natural tits, which we are, there’s probably never been a pairing in which the breast weight was so high.

This was shot in Mexico during the filming of On Location Puerto Vallarta. Jenna and Leanne had never met, but they hit it off in a big way and kept in touch after they left Mexico. Jenna lives in Los Angeles. Leanne lives in London. In all honesty, the idea of putting two beautiful, busty babes together and seeing what happens wasn’t exactly a burst of creativity. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Here, Jenna and Leanne have a sleepover minus the sleeping. They romp in bed, get cozy, throw pillows around and jump up and down so our photographer can capture their bouncing titties. The contrast in skin tones has to be mentioned. Leanne keeps tan while Jenna keeps her skin pale and ivory white.

Hitomi, Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore were also on this shoot, one of our best ever. The location was picturesque and perfect. The house the girls lived in for a week was a gem. The chemistry between the girls was perfect. As you’re about to see.

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