Miranda – Magic Miranda

Magic Miranda

Magic Miranda

Italian import Miranda had fine curves and a well-padded seat. Extra-large headlights and a large bumper. Taking her for a long drive has to have been heaven for the guys who have been in bed with this spicy dish.

This was Miranda’s dating philosophy:
“Maybe go to dinner. Walk a lot. Talk a lot. And then we’ll see what happens. On the first date, you don’t have to have sex. Maybe it’s better if you don’t have sex on the first date because the second date will be more exciting. The more you wait, the more you get excited. You have a fantasy. If you do everything the first date, you don’t have a fantasy. Fantasy is very important.”

The last time we saw Miranda was at the SCORE Group booth at an adult video convention. We’ve kept in touch periodically since then and she’s mentioned making a comeback. Whether that will ever happen is something only Miranda knows.

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