Miranda – Magic Miranda

Magic Miranda

Magic Miranda

There haven’t been many great imports from Italy. XL Girls has had only one bra-busting babe from that nation. Magic Miranda was an Italian import living in New York when we met her. She accepted an invitation to pose and she blew us away with her incredibly huge tits when we first saw her naked in the flesh.

Miranda, in America, we have a phrase for women like you: built like a brick shithouse.
Miranda: I don’t understand. Say it again.

Built like a brick shithouse.
Miranda: So what does it mean?

It means that you’re built all over. Stacked. Packed all over, coming and going.
Miranda: Okay. Thanks, I guess!

In Italy, do men prefer the ass or the breasts?
Miranda: The ass.

When you’re taking pictures, are you thinking about all of the guys who are going to be looking at them?
Miranda: Something like that. Maybe they’re getting excited, so I like that. I like when somebody gets excited watching me.

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